June 23, 2014

cardboard picture frame

   I love finding ways to utilize little bits and pieces of craft materials that would normally get tossed, so when I spotted a square piece of cardboard with a circular hole just laying around, I immediately thought, "Picture Frame!".
   Since this is such a simple project, you will only need a couple of materials:

1// A cardboard frame (Feel free to let your creativity shine; You can use anything as a frame!)

2// A picture/illustration/magazine clipping

3// If your chosen picture doesn't cover the entire opening of the frame you might need to glue it onto some background paper.

   All you need to do is flip your picture frame over to the back, glue your picture on, and decorate the frame! I used a silver metallic Sharpie to decorate mine.

   Homemade picture frames are a great way to display summer memories!

   I also wanted to show you the thank you cards that I made for my teachers and handed out on the last day of school:

   Thanks for reading!
       -B <3

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