June 20, 2014

post-it treasure hunt

   A couple of days ago it was father's day and I always try to make creative, handmade presents for my family on holidays like these. My dad and I both really like math so I wanted to create something math-related. After some brainstorming, I decided to make a "Math Post-It Treasure Hunt"! The cool thing about this craft is that you don't have to use math problems as "clues"; You can personalize the theme and difficulty of the challenges to your recipient. Here's what you'll need:

1// You'll need a piece of construction paper, post-it notes, and blank pieces of paper slightly smaller than the post-it notes. The important thing to remember is that you will stick these blank pieces of paper to the strips of glue on the backs of the post-it notes. This strip of glue will not only serve to keep the two pieces of paper connected, but it is also what will keep the post-it note on the construction paper.

2// You can use any coloring materials to decorate the scavenger hunt, or you can choose to keep it simple.

3// You'll need to make a plan before you start. What questions will you be using? What will be the answer to each of these questions? I found it helpful to draw a diagram of what it will look like and then sketch the order in which the post-it notes would be opened.

4// I also used a super fine black Sharpie to write everything.

   First, arrange all of the post-its in any pattern you like. I like to do this first to make sure everything is nice and even. Then, write all of your challenges onto the blank pieces of paper.

   One at a time, following the path that you planned out, remove the post-its, apply the piece of paper, and put it back on the construction paper.

   There are so many possibilities with this craft. For example if the answers to your math problems are much larger than the amount of post-its you have, you can write a multiple choice question. For example (this is an easy one):

What is 345-172?
3) 120
5) 173
8) 143
11) 152

   You could even turn this into a large-scale game where participants have to complete physical challenges to find out the number of the next post-it. Make it a party game and divide your guests into teams to do this! 

   Thanks for reading!
       -B <3

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