September 23, 2014

craft supply wish list


Today I'm doing a little wishlist of craft items. Enjoy!


Stabilo Pens //
I've seen these being used in a lot of places and they seem really useful for drawing and writing. I like using pens but black and blue can get boring. I love all of the colors that these come in!

AllyDrew Washi Tape //
There are some many different brands of washi tape but I've had my eye on this particular set for a while now. I love the modern patterns and bright colors. I feel like it's a versatile set that can be used with a variety of projects.

Artline 220 Super Fine 0.2mm Pen //
I love drawing with these types of pens but all I've ever really used is a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point and a Sharpie Pen and I really want to try these Artline Pens because sometimes I wish I could get nicer, thinner lines.

Image Tree Rubber Stamp Set //
What a cute little stamp set! I love the typewriter feel of these letters. I think it would look great for all sorts of projects like labeling my blogging notebook, labeling little boxes of supplies, and stamping quotes.

Rainbow Loom Band Refill Kit //
So many bands! I've been running out of Rainbow Loom bands and this set has so many great colors! 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I have pens like these they are sooo awesome! It's always best to buy them around back to school time since they're often on sale at that time. I got a set of 30 pens for around 10€ ! And that washi tape is really pretty :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to keep that in mind for next year. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I really want those typewriter stamps too, they are so adorable!
    Martha x

    1. They are! <3 Maybe I'll put them on my Christmas list. Thank you for commenting!