November 7, 2014

diy geo string art

Last school year in my math class one of our projects was to create string art. I was really pleased with how it turned out, but I didn't make any more string art after that. Then, I saw a piece of art at West Elm that reminded me of what we did in class, except it was simpler and more modern. It got me thinking about ways to do something with string art that would be really easy to do but would look nice at the same time.

I started experimenting with making dots on a piece of paper and then connecting them with a ruler until finally I had something I really liked, and that's what I'll be showing you how to do!

So, you will need:

Scissors, a piece of paper (preferably thick), a needle, and embroidery string.

Use the needle to poke five holes. If you want to just make one shape, then you'll want to space these holes far apart. If you want a couple, put them close together.

It looks best if no 3 of the holes make a straight line, so you may want to use a pencil on the back of the paper to plan it out. After all, you can't fix it once the needle's gone through the paper, haha! Sut a couple of feet of string and thread your needle. Then, pick one of the holes to start out with. Push the needle through from back to front and pull all the way through, leaving only about 2 inches. Pick another hole and bring the needle through.

Repeat this step until you think you've made every possible line. Then flip over to the front and use your finger to trace a path from each hole to each of the other four, just to make sure that you've for sure finished.You will finish up at the back so tie the two ends of the string together and you're done! Easy, huh?

Here is what my finished piece looked like after I was done:

Sort of reminds me of crystals... I put it up on my little inspiration wall above my desk and I love the way it looks there! You can use different colors of paper and string to make it match with any room decor that you have.

If you're up for something a little more challenging, check out these websites that have some really cool string art templates. They take more time, but are so worth it, and I actually find the process pretty relaxing.

 (Halloween-themed string art)

Thank you for reading! If you try this DIY post it on Instagram with the hashtag #abitamusingDIY

I've been thinking about making an Instagram page to showcase photos from this hashtag. What do you guys think?

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