July 15, 2014

how to draw sweater people

   This is going to be my first drawing post and I am really excited to share this tutorial with you. This idea came to me out of the blue and I really wanted to try it out. It turned out very nicely and today I'll be showing you how I did it.

   You will need:

1// A piece of paper (make sure it is the proper thickness).
2// A pencil with an eraser.
3// A pen, Sharpie, or any other tool that you can use to make your lines dark.
4// Scissors (optional)
5// Coloring materials (optional)


1// I cut my paper into four equal pieces because I wanted my drawing to be fairly small.
2// Near the bottom of the paper, use your pencil to draw your character's neck. Then, below that, draw the neckline of the sweater.
3/// Draw two lines curving outwards from the neck. This will be the shape of the sweater.
4// If you want to, you can draw lines to show your character's arms, but if you decide that your character is the type of person who would rather wear a poncho, leave it as it is.
5// Now, give your character a head and facial features.
6// Use your pen/Sharpie/marker to go over all of the lines you have and then erase all of the leftover pencil marks.

7// Now it's time to draw the sweater pattern. You can either use a pencil and then go over it, or just skip the pencil altogether. I like to skip it because I find that when I try to go over a pattern drawn in pencil I end up not using the guidelines at all.
8// You can choose to start at the bottom or top of the sweater. Pick a pattern and use it go down the first "row". I started at the bottom and chose a circle pattern.
9// Then, right above that, pick another pattern and go along the second row with it.

10// Keep going until you fill up the sweater. You can do a different pattern for each row or you can establish a pattern of a couple of rows and repeat that throughout the sweater. Whatever you think looks best.

11// Finally, make sure you've gone over every line, made it darker, erased all of your pencil marks, and you're done! You can now color your drawing or keep it the way it is.

This technique, which I like to call the "pattern technique" is a really cool way of giving your drawings detail and personality.

Thanks for reading!