July 29, 2014

travel journaling prompts + ideas

Hello! This is the second post of my travel journaling series. You can read my first post about setting up your travel journal and creating a travel journaling kit here.

Today I have some ideas for you that will hopefully inspire you with your travel journaling!


1// Draw a map of your destination. This could be a nice first page.
2// Your favorite moment of the day.
3// Least favorite moment of the day.
4// Illustrate your day. No writing, just captions.
5// Draw a landmark you visited.
6// What do you wish you would have packed but forgot to?
7// Funny quotes from the people you are traveling with.
8// Write about your day in the form of a schedule (12:00 - Lunch at ______).
9// Bored in a plane or car? Doodle. They're fun to look at later on.
10// What songs did you listen to/hear today?
11// At the end of the trip, pick one place that you would visit again, if given the opportunity.
12// At the top of the page write the date, time, weather, and location. For example (August 5th, 12:45 PM, partly cloudy, restaurant downtown.) You could even draw a little sun peeking out from behind a cloud for the weather!
13// You may not have access to the internet or a post office, but if you could contact your friends and family, what would you say to them?
14// What did you eat today? Where did you eat it? What was it like?

Things you can put in your journal:

1// Plane tickets.
2// Museum tickets.
3// Wristbands.
4// Maps.
5// Advertisements.
6// Postage stamps.
7// Interesting candy wrappers and sugar packets.
8// Photos.
9// Packing lists.
10// Magazine articles.
12// Business cards
13// Receipts

Any other ideas? Please comment below! Also, this is very exciting, I made my first printable! You can print it out, fold it, and stick it in your journal so you have these with you no matter where you go. You can get it here.

Thanks for reading!