August 19, 2014

school supply shopping

Hello everybody! Here in the US, school is starting in a couple of weeks, which means it's time to shop for school supplies!

I know some people dread this, but I actually really enjoy it! I love notebooks, and pens, and all that stuff so I guess that explains why. I always enjoy walking through the office supply aisle so school supply shopping is basically an excuse for me to wander around that area for much longer than I normally would, haha!

This year we got it done way earlier than we usually do because as I might have mentioned, as soon as I get back from vacation I'll be heading off to school.

I got everything except for some 2-inch binders (I couldn't find my favorite brand) and a big binder to carry all my stuff around in. We'll probably order that while on vacation, so it's okay!

In this post I'll be showing you the supplies that I am most excited about. It'd be pretty boring if I showed you every single folder and notebook that I got, don't you think? So let's start! (sorry about this gigantic gap!)


First of all, I got a bunch of new pens. 

1// Erasable pens - I got a 3-pack of these gel pens that you can erase using the rubber tip. I normally write pretty lightly using a pencil, and this was often a problem on my math homework where it would become hard to see what I had written. So this year I think I'll try using these pens. Hopefully they will help, but if not, I guess I'll just try putting more pressure on that pencil!

2// Sharpie pen - A fine-line black marker was on my supply list but I think I'll mostly be using this pen for drawing and labeling things. 

3// White-out pens - I used to have one of these but it was running out so I got two more. These are awesome! They make covering up mistakes as easy as coloring over them. 


1// Scissors - I finally got a nice pair of scissors! We had scissors in our house but they mysteriously disappeared... I had to use my itty bitty pair from IKEA, but they weren't very comfortable, or efficient, so I'm really happy to get these!

2// Ruler / Hole punch - It's a ruler and a hole punch... combined! This'll come in handy for when I need to put something in a binder but the teacher doesn't have a 3-hole punch or I don't feel like walking over to it, haha!

3// 5-subject notebook - I don't think I've ever had a notebook this big. I've had a 5-subject notebook before, but not as wide and long as this one! I wonder what we'll use it for...

3// Washi tape - Last but not least (I'm probably most excited about this one), I got my first roll of Washi tape! I've been wanting to get one for months now. I got one to start out with, and will probably be going back for more. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw how I covered my drawer handles with it. I also used it to decorate my pencil cup and hang up some drawings on my wall. I love the color and the pattern so much!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you are also going school supply shopping soon, good luck and have fun! xx

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