August 22, 2014

drawing lately + thoughts

Hello everybody! Today will be my first little "update" post. I think it's been long enough and I have some things I want to talk about.

First, let me just say that this past month (and a half) of blogging has been a lot of fun. This blog is the sort of project I've been looking for for a long time. It's my creative outlet where I can celebrate a side of me that I may not show that often.

That's not to mention the blogging community. There's so many amazing bloggers out there, role models that I look up to, and it's all just very inspiring.

I can't wait to watch this blog grow and hopefully inspire others. It gets a little overwhelming at times, trying to sort out all the ideas that whir around in my head, but having a lot of ideas is a good problem to have!

Speaking of ideas, I've been thinking a lot about series, and series that I would like to do, one of which I am particularly excited about, but it would require lots of reader participation, so I think I'll hold off on that for a while.

As I am writing this (it is August 16th), I am very excited about the vacation I'm about to go on, and the long plane ride will give me lots of time to think and brainstorm and plan, things that I love doing!

Also, in a couple of weeks, school is starting! I can't believe it! I started this blog at the very end of June, right around the middle of summer vacation, so this will be my first experience with trying to balance school and blogging. School is always my number one priority, but I am determined to keep posting quality material on my blog.

So that's that for the update, I feel like I've covered everything. Now, on a completely different note, I thought I would show you guys some drawings that I have done recently!

The triangle drawing that I used to cover my art supply box is inspired by Harri from Vanilla Craft Blog. I really like the way the elephant and camera drawings turned out, and I was thinking that maybe someday I could open a shop and sell them as prints! That would be so exciting!

So that's all for today.

Thank you so much for reading and for visiting this little blog.

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