October 10, 2014

national cookie month garland + wallpapers

Hello! Here in the US, October is national cookie month, and I thought, what a great thing to blog about! So today I have a couple of things to celebrate the month. First, you'll find a cookie garland printable that I created.

You can hang them up above your desk, above your bed, or take it to the next level and make a garland that stretches back and forth across your entire room!

Unfortunately, when I made them we didn't have colored ink, so I had to print it out in black and white and add a touch of brown using colored pencils. You could also print it onto brown paper. Improvise!

Once you cut them out and hole punch each one, cut off a piece of string that is long enough to stretch across the area you'll be using it. Then, arrange your cookies so that they are evenly spaced out. I like to do this step on the floor because there's more space.

Cut a bunch of short, even pieces of yarn and string them through your cookies. First, tie a double knot, then use a single knot to attach them to the garland. Once all of them are on, you can slide them around if they're not even.

Secondly, I have some free wallpapers for you guys! I have one that fits the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5C, and another one that will fit your iPad. Tap, hold, save, and set it as your wallpaper. Easy peasy.

So make a garland, download a wallpaper, and go eat some cookies!