October 14, 2014

5 ways to get ideas flowing

We all sometimes feel stuck, our creative juices run dry. There's posts to be written but nothing to write about. And then there are times when we can't write down ideas as quickly as they are popping into our head. Well this post isn't for those times, haha! This post, I hope, will help you get ideas flowing when you feel like you've run out of them. Let's start!

1// Sit down and pick a topic. If you're trying to think of ideas for blog posts you might want to pick a blog post you've done in the past that you really liked. Set a timer for 5 minutes or so, pick up a pencil or pen, and write. Write anything and everything that comes to mind, even if it takes you on a completely different path. It can be full sentences, phrases, words, maybe even drawings! Once you're done, you might not want to read it over immediately. I like to put the piece of paper away for a couple of days so that I forget what it says, and then come back to it, read it, and write down any ideas it sparks.

2// Look through your Pinterest boards. I don't like to look through others' pins when I need inspiration because many of them don't inspire me or sometimes even distract me. When I'm feeling uninspired I look through my own boards because I know that I pinned each photo because it inspired me.

You can also gather a stack of your favorite magazines and see if any of them spark your creativity. If you don't mind cutting them up, you could even make a collage, like this one I made from a CB2 magazine.
3// Routines can make you feel uninspired. Sometimes you'll have to wake up your brain before you can get your ideas flowing. Try a new activity with friends, a different style of drawing, cook something different, anything! Doing new things will get your mind thinking in different ways, which could lead to new ideas!

4// This ties in with the previous suggestion. Looking at the same surroundings can leave you feeling uninspired. Take your laptop, notebook, drawing, or whatever it is you're working on to a different place. This could mean going to someplace different in town or just going to a different room. If this isn't possible, take some time to make the space you usually work in more inspiring. Maybe hang up some new art.

5// Sometimes, ideas just won't come. And that's okay! Ideas won't always come when you want them to, and getting frustrated about it definitely won't help. Although you may not be able to think of anything at that moment, you should be prepared when a random idea pops into your idea. Try to carry a notebook or a piece of paper with you to write down thoughts, and make sure there's something to write with in any place that inspiration might strike you.

I hope this post helps you whenever you're feeling uninspired! If you don't need this at the moment, you can bookmark it for later!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is super helpful, thanks! I always have those blank moments :)

    Ruby xox