August 26, 2014

craft space/desk inspiration


Today I have collected some craft space/desk inspiration from Pinterest. Your craft area is the place where you get to be creative and find your personal style, so shouldn't it reflect that? Shouldn't it be an inspiring place to be? Whether you have a small corner of your room for crafting or an entire room dedicated to art, you can always improve it. I hope these pictures inspire you! I know that I only get into my "Okay, time to clean up this place" mood after I've looked at inspiring pictures ;)

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   The picture on the left has so much bright, happy color. I love how all of the supplies are on display and the string of inspiration underneath the shelf.
   The picture on the right is super stylish. It's also a trestle table, but decorated very differently. Gold + Black + White + Wood = <3

 Sources // 1, 2

   The picture on the left is a great example of how some good organization can help you make the most of a tiny space. One of these portable carts is great to have if your desk doesn't have enough storage or if you work in different places throughout your house.
   In the second picture, I love how the walls and floors are white. This gives a clean look to the space and allows the fabric and colorful supplies to stand out.

Sources // 1, 2

   The first picture is another example of how to make use of a small space. If you have a spare closet, there's lots you can do to make it workable. I love how the designers even utilized the door space to create extra storage.
   This is another desk area that I love because of all the colors. The inspiration board decorates the wall and the cute stationery across the whole desk really ties it together.

That's all for today's "Pinspiration"! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Isn't Pinterest great?

Thanks for reading!

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