August 28, 2014

summer playlist

Summer is nearly over, which is sad, because gone are the days of warm weather and lots of free time. But fall is special in its own way and I am very excited to go back to school. I can't wait to see all of my friends!

To make the most of these last few days I decided to create an end of summer playlist. I very creatively named it "End of Summer Playlist".


1// My Friend Has a Swimming Pool was recommended to me by a friend and I thought it was so catchy and represented summer and spending days at the pool perfectly. If you listen to it with headphones it sounds amazing!

2// Summer by Calvin Harris is a song that's been playing for quite some time, but it's still great!

3// Rude is such a catchy song! It has a really unique sound that I just love.

4// Reflections is by my favorite band, it's probably their most well-known song. I recommend listening to the Jam in the Van version of it. I personally think it sounds better, more real, less produced.

5// Last but not least, You Make Me is a great dance song. It has a great beat and it just sounds really good overall.

That's all for today!

Thank you for reading!

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