August 9, 2014

current top 4 favorite blogs

Hello everybody! Today I'd thought I would celebrate the gigantic blogosphere and showcase the blogs that inspired me both to start my blog and to improve the quality of my posts. I read all of the posts written by these incredible bloggers.

1// Vanilla Craft Blog

Vanilla Craft Blog was one of the first blogs that I discovered when I really found out about the world of blogging. Harri's blog was amazing then and it is amazing now. It's full of inspiring ideas, gorgeous photos, and beautiful style. I absolutely love reading each and every post.

Example Post: Prettify Your Room // Style a Circular Table

2// A Little Birdy Blog

A Little Birdy Blog has a very cute design and lots of helpful tips for bloggers. I love all of Chloe's beautiful photos!

Example post: DIY Macrame Terrariums

3// Miss Zali

Zali has a wonderful blog full of fashion and craft posts. She has such a unique style and posts fun, playful photos.

Example Post: Gorgeous Garden

5// Clover and Dot

Clover and Dot is mainly a craft, design, and lifestyle blog. Kate's posts are easy to relate to and fun to read. She has lots of really cool DIYs.

Example Post: DIY Mini Macrame Plant Holder