August 5, 2014

travel journaling DIY envelopes

   Hello everybody! Today I'll be finishing off my travel journaling series with this post I have for you today on how to create little envelopes that you can glue into your journals. If you haven't yet, you can read my previous travel journaling posts here, here, and here.

You will need: A piece of paper, scissors, a pencil, glue or rubber cement, and a circular template.

First, if your paper has a patterned side like mine does, then I would recommend flipping it over so that any leftover pencil marks will be on the inside of the envelope, not on the outside. Place your circular template on top of your piece of paper and use the pencil to trace around it.

Next, use your scissors to cut out the circle. Bend (not fold) your paper in half and make a slight crease in the middle just so you can see where the center of the circle is.

Flipping your paper over to the backside, fold in the two sides to the center of the circle, fold the bottom up, and then the top down. Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean.

And there's your envelope! You might want to unfold your envelope and cut out the corners as shown to make it look neater.

Now apply glue to the inside of the bottom flap and the outsides of the right and left flaps to glue everything together. An advantage to using rubber cement is that you can apply it to the inside of the top flap to make it close and open easily.

Mini Rubber Cement Lesson
If you apply rubber cement to both of the surfaces that you are gluing you will have a very strong bond. If you apply it to only one of the surfaces, it will act like the glue on a sticky note - temporary and easy to remove.

You can make a couple of these envelopes and put them in your travel journaling kit so that you can paste them into your journal at any point throughout your trip. It's nice to be able to not only look at mementos in your journal but also be able to take them out and hold them.

Thank you for reading!

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