August 31, 2014

how to make mini notebooks

Hello! Today I've got another DIY for you! I've decided to show you guys how to make mini notebooks. You can use them for taking notes, drawing little illustrations, taking down quick ideas on-the-go... Or you could come up with a really unique use for them. Maybe you could turn one into a unique birthday card for a friend, or, if you friend is the crafty/writer type, give them a stack of these notebooks tied up with a cute ribbon and let them decide what they'd like to do with them. Maybe you could use notebook for each book you read to write down memorable quotes. You can really do anything.

Anyways, let's get started! For this project you will need:

Colorful paper, blank paper, string, a needle, and some magazine pictures.

First, cut your blank paper into small sheets. I use regular printer paper and I like to cut each sheet into four pieces. Of course you could make yours smaller or bigger.

Fold all of these sheets in half and stack them.

Now trace and cut out a cover sheet from the colorful paper. Fold that in half and put it on the bottom.

Take a needle and pole two holes through the middle of these sheets of paper.

Grab your string, tie it onto your needle, and weave it through both holes, like so.

Tie it up, decorate the cover, and you're done!

Comment below and share any ideas you have for using these notebooks!

Thanks for reading!

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