August 29, 2014

how to organize and decorate your desk area

Hello there! Summer is almost over, which I'm sad and happy about at the same time. I've already gotten all of my school supplies, before we left on our trip, actually, because as soon as I get home I'll be off to school. During this time there's a lot of organizing to be done to get ready for the homework and projects that you'll have to do during the school year. So I thought that this would be the perfect time to write about organizing and decorating your work/craft space (if you're a crafter). This is going to be one of the longest posts I've ever written. Maybe the longest!

Let's get started!

1// First prepare yourself. By this I mean find a good time during your week/day to tackle this project. I prefer doing cleaning and organizing projects in the morning because I'm more energized. Open the windows for fresh air, maybe put on some music, etc.

2// Go on Pinterest to find some inspiration. Look up something along the lines of "desk craft area" and create a board to organize all of your pins. You can also check out my post on craft space inspiration or take a look at my full Pinterest board. Also check out these inspiring room posts from Vanilla Craft Blog and A Little Birdy Blog. Just make sure you stay on task and don't start browsing through unrelated posts (It's tempting, I know)! Once you've collected all of your ideas, move on to step 3.

3// Get a piece of paper and take a good look at all of the images you collected and write down what from the image inspired you. Write down everything and anything. Of course, if you found come articles or tutorials, you can simply write the names of those down. Leave some space between each idea.

4// Below each idea, brainstorm how you could incorporate that idea into your space. If it's not possible, just cross the idea out. Write down what materials you could use, where you could find them, what color you would switch up, etc.

5// Now it's time to start cleaning! First, find a place in your room where you have lots of space to temporarily store everything that's in and on your desk. Completely clear your desk. If you have any containers full of knick knacks, dump it out. Pick up anything that's on the floor and put it in the pile.

6// Now take a look at everything in you pile and remove any scrap pieces of paper, old markers and pens, unfinished projects, supply packaging, etc. Sort that stuff into recyclables and non-recyclables and toss it out. Take the things you want to keep but do not want in your desk area and put them away. It's important to make sure your desk area is uncluttered, so if it makes more sense to put something on a shelf at the other side of your room, do that.

7// Wipe down your desk, drawers, cabinets, shelves, everything. Vacuum and/or sweep the floors. You might have to slide out your desk to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

8// Now take a look at what is left in your pile and either in your head or on paper decide what you'll group together and where you''ll put everything. Keep accessibility in mind. If your desk has drawers on one side, put most of your stuff on that side so you have more space to work on the side where your chair will go.

9// Once you've got your plan, put each item in its place, cleaning dusty or dirty items as you go with a damp washcloth. If you don't have enough pencil cups and little boxes in your room, look around your house for things you could use as containers. My dad helped me find a white shoebox and I decorated it by gluing a drawing of mine on top.

10// Now grab all of your papers and figure out a system for sorting them. Will you stack them in a pile, put them in folders, what categories you will have (blogging, school, drawing), etc... I personally don't keep any school papers on my desk, but if you do then you could make a folder for that. Also remember to have some blank pieces of paper on hand.

11// All done! With the cleaning and organizing that is. Now it's time to decorate. Take a look at all of your ideas and decide, now that you can see what your newly-organized desk looks like, what color scheme you want and which areas of your space need the most work.

12// Now it's up to you and your creativity! I can't really tell you step-by-step how you should decorate because it's all up to your individual style. I can give you some tips, though. I'll give you two. First, your style is your style. If your desk area doesn't look like that of someone else's, that's absolutely okay! As long as your space makes you happy, it's perfect. Secondly, don't worry if you feel like you don't have enough decorations. You can decorate your desk area slowly as you discover pretty things that you think go with your desk style.

13// Once you're done for the day you can spray some air freshener and pat yourself on the back. You can now enjoy your organized space!

Good luck with your own organizing projects!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

P.S. I cut out that picture from a magazine. Wouldn't it be great to just be walking and find "Have a Lovely Day" written somewhere?

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