September 9, 2014


Hello there! Have you ever heard of the band Misterwives? I heard of them when a friend of mine suggested I listen to a remix of a song of theirs. I loved the song, especially the singer's voice, so I decided to do some research on this band called Misterwives!

You might be wondering why they're called Misterwives. The name is actually a play on the term "sisterwives" because the singer, Mandy Lee, is the only girl in the group. The New York based band has five members in total.

That's enough facts for now, onto their music. As soon as I heard their songs, I was hooked! Their lyrics are addictive and Mandy's singing has so much emotion. You know when you're listening to music and there's a moment in the song that you're anticipating and when you hear it it just makes you smile? There are so many of those in their songs for me! One of my favorites is the part where Mandy sings "Your heart's just an organ that pumps nothing more than blood" in their song "Twisted Tongue"

Check out their website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel, and give their songs a listen:

These are slower more melancholy songs,

while these are a little more fast-paced

Imagination Infatuation

I'm so excited for their full album to come out!

Thanks for reading!

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