October 20, 2014

blogging notebook

As a blogger, it's really helpful to have a place to write down all your ideas, keep track of your stats, and plan posts before sitting down at the computer to write.

I personally have two notebooks that I use for blogging. They're almost the same except that they are in different colors, one is blank, one is ruled, and one has slightly more pages. But they are the same size, which makes them easy to carry around. You may want to take that into consideration when purchasing a notebook (or notebooks).

So my first notebook, the pink one, is the one I use for important information and useful tips that I'd like to keep and look back on in the future.
At the beginning of the notebook I have my pages of ideas categorized into:

1// Craft DIYs
2// Other How To's
3// Blogging
4// Lifestyle
5// Inspiration
6// Community
7// ...and other small categories with only a couple of post-its each

I don't add post-its to it that often. What I usually do is I write down ideas in my other notebook and then set aside time to transfer all of those onto sticky notes.
When I'm working on my post schedule I can see all of my ideas categorized by topic and simply peel them off when I decide to use them.

Also in the beginning of my notebook I have a couple of pages where I've collected tips on different topics. This is really helpful because I can just flip to whatever advice I need instead of trying to remember what "that one website with all those great tips" was, haha!
Lastly, at the end of this notebook is one of the most invaluable tools a blogger can have. A schedule.

This is where I plan out what posts I will have on each Tuesday and Friday. When I'm done writing a post I can simply check it off. There's also a spot to mark if there are still additional links I need to add but can't yet because the post(s) I want to link to are not published yet.
At the bottom of each page I keep track of my stats for that month. I have:

  • total Bloglovin' followers
  • total Instagram followers
  • total Pinterest followers
  • total Google+ followers
  • views for that month only
This is super helpful and to all my readers who have blogs, I strongly suggest you do this. Not only is it motivating to see your blog grow, but it provides valuable data.

Onto my second notebook! There's actually not that much to say about this notebook because it's sort of a catch-all for ideas, rough drafts, and brainstorms. It's really nice, though, to be able to have all of my messy thoughts in one place, and all of my imporatant notes in another. In this notebook, I don't have to worry about how organized my writing is, or how neat. As long as I can read it, it's fine!
This very post started out in this notebook, which I then typed up and published, and which you are reading right now!

I hope that this post gave you ideas for your own blogging notebook(s) or inspired you to make one. Blogging is a lot more fun when you're organized!

Until next time,


  1. Great tips! Love this post :)


  2. Such cute notebook! I have a blogging notebook too, where I keep track of my daily pageviews:)
    Great post!
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's definitely really helpful for blogging. Thanks for commenting <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Martha! Glad you liked them <3

  4. hello. i noticed you added a bloglovin followers section, and i was wondering, is a bloglovin' follower the same thing as someone who is following my actual blog? thanks.

    1. Bloglovin is a website where people can follow blogs and read new posts from those blogs collected all into one place. So if you have a new follower on Bloglovin, then yes, I would say they are following your blog,.

      Thanks for commenting!